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The successful German entrepreneur Igor Strehl has moved his residence and business to Austria for many years. In addition to an established management consulting firm, Dunaj Consulting GmbH, which successfully advises both private and business clients, he has been a majority owner at FAME Investments AG since 2020, where he currently serves as Chairman of the Supervisory Board. FAME Investments AG is a private, independent securities company specialising in investment and portfolio management as well as investment fund management.
Igor Strehl has achieved his success through extraordinary skill, determination and perseverance. His career in the banking and investment business began in 1993 at the German Commerzbank AG. Over the course of his career, he has held various positions on management and supervisory boards and served as CEO of European financial institutions at various stages of his career.
Thanks to his extraordinary commitment, leadership qualities and ability to develop highly efficient corporate and investment banking structures, Igor Strehl is now one of Europe's top bankers and financial market connoisseurs. He is a welcome guest and speaker at professional forums and was co-organiser of the Börse Express panel discussion at the Walsterner Finanz-Forum, which was organised together with FAME Investments AG.


Igor Strehl's career in banking and investment began when he joined Commerzbank in 1993. As a result of his professional growth, he has held various positions on management and supervisory boards. This has enabled him to steadily improve his competencies and skills.
From January 1993 to June 1997, Igor Strehl worked as a Relationship Manager in the Eastern European Financial Institutions Department at the German COMMERZBANK AG. His main responsibilities included the management of correspondent banking relationships in Eastern Europe, including the assessment of country and counterparty risks as well as the development of strategies for business relationships with Eastern European banks.
From July 1997 to June 1998 he worked as a relationship manager in the credit department for CIS corporate clients at Ost-West Handelsbank AG. His main task was to maintain relationships with a focus on credit products with predominantly Eastern European corporate clients.
From July 1998 to February 2007, Mr Strehl served as Deputy Chairman and Member of the Board at Commerzbank (EURASIJA) SAO. In the course of his career, he rose from Relationship Manager and Head of Department to Deputy Chairman and Member of the Board. In his role, he was responsible for the credit portfolio of international corporate clients and managed various types of financing such as export financing (including ECA-covered financing), bilateral, structured and syndicated loans as well as acquisition financing for clients with short- and long-term financing needs.
From February 2007 to October 2010, Mr Strehl was CEO of a financial institution in Germany. During his tenure, he was responsible for the business units Corporate Banking, Financial Institution, International Payments and Treasury as well as Human Resources and Compliance, among others. He was able to increase the net profit of the financial institution from EUR 8 million to EUR 45 million, which is a considerable profit increase despite the global financial crisis and significantly strengthened the capital base of the financial institution.
At the end of 2010 until spring 2013, Mr Strehl dedicated himself to new challenges and found them in Austria as CEO of a subholding of a well-known commercial bank. He successfully managed the integration of the subholding into the banking group and ensured a smooth transition of business and systems to group standards. He established a new organisational structure that dovetailed perfectly with the bank's core business areas. He also worked on a growth strategy that included expanding the customer base, diversifying the product offering and increasing the bank's share of the Austrian and European markets.
From May 2013, Igor Strehl was a member of the Executive Board and Head of Corporate and Investment Banking at a bank in Austria, where he managed its corporate and investment banking activities. He also served on the supervisory board of a Czech subsidiary bank.
From 2020, Igor Strehl added a new chapter to his business activities. He acquired the majority of shares in FAME Investments AG and took on the role of Chairman of the Supervisory Board. FAME Investments AG is a Vienna-based independent asset management company specialising in risk management, market analysis and financial trading. The company serves not only private investors, but also banks and private trust funds.
Igor Strehl used his experience and expertise in financial and management consulting to make FAME Investments AG one of the leading asset managers in Europe. He led the company in the development of innovative investment strategies and products tailored to the individual needs of clients. Under his leadership, FAME Investments AG achieved an impressive growth rate and recorded an increasing number of satisfied clients.
In addition to his role as Chairman of the Supervisory Board at FAME Investments AG, Igor Strehl is also Managing Director of his Vienna-based management consultancy Dunaj Consulting GmbH. The company specialises in investment management and general management consulting. Through his extensive national and international contacts as well as his deep understanding of the local economy and political structures, Igor Strehl has also achieved remarkable success in this field.


Igor Strehl studied economics at Plekhanov University in Moscow, Russia, from 1985 to 1991. During his studies, he was able to gain valuable experience that benefited him later in his career. He then attended a management course at the IHK Rostock, Germany, from September 1991 to May 1992. He also completed numerous professional development courses, such as BWG training. In September 2012, he successfully completed a training course in regulatory laws at PWC. In March 2020, Igor Strehl successfully passed a Fit & Proper examination, which was essential for the acquisition of a regulated company in Austria, FAME Investments AG. The Fit & Proper compliance was confirmed by the Financial Market Authority (Austrian regulator) and the European Central Bank (European regulator, Frankfurt).

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